OFAC and MATCH and Credit, oh my!

The process of pulling OFAC, credit, and TIN is monotonous.

Among candidates for automation, this is an easy place to shave two- to five minutes per deal review. That is easily $2 per deal in labor. Now you have more money for that pumpkin spiced latte addiction! Yet, this habitual process of checking these “deal killers” gives a source of comfort since the burden-of-proof lies with the underwriting entity.

With Autoboard, these data points are pulled instantaneously via API (and in about three heel clicks). Does a human need to confirm the EIN to the IRS? No, let the robots handle the easy stuff!

We want underwriters to focus on the deal in its entirety and less on the routine of collecting all the facts.Change is hard. We get it. To make it easier we REALLY thought this through. Here’s how, conversationally:But, I am used to seeing credit reports a certain way. I don’t want to miss something. We get it – looking at the credit report gives you a sense of security. So, we pull in the full API response for the robots, AND a familiarly formatted file for you.  Like always with Autoboard, all of this is available at your fingertips in a single pane of glass.


Same goes for MATCH.

TIN Matching is a BIG deal. How can I be sure?

We check directly with the IRS database, which provides response codes to guide you: Exact match, Not issued, Does not match. We pass this along to you (also in that beautiful single pane) to make things a little easier. All in one place. Packaged nice and neat audit ready.

We understand that embracing new software is rough. Training and implementation may seem overwhelming, but the golden rule in closing deals is that TIME IS MONEY.