Autoboard...Revised (for you)!

When you're in the middle of a deal, speed and accuracy are of the utmost importance. Too fast and you open yourself up to careless mistakes, too slow and your merchant might sign up with the competition (you know who we're talking about). Which is why in our latest version of Autoboard, we're streamlining awkward and time-consuming processes and bringing you an easier way to assess the credibility of your merchant and deal information.

What’s New:

Preview Mode + Revision Requests: Error free the first time

We know quality assurance is a top priority. Too many errors can throw your process into chaos, or worse, send your merchant on their separate way. Autoboard's Revision Request feature allows Agents andUnderwriters to send and receive revisions to and from the Merchant with the click of a button. And Preview Mode allows Agents to run small checks to highlight basic data entry issues before they send to the underwriter. When time is money, errors start to add up fast, save you'r underwriter the hassle of running multiple verifications because of avoidable mistakes.

Duplicate Deals: So easy it feels like cheating

Your Agent landed a 32-store franchise.Awesome! But now you're stuck filling out or fact-checking the same paperwork over and over and over and over and over... You get it. We certainly do, which is why you can now duplicate deals. Choose which parts of the deal you want duplicated, and however many times you need and enjoy all of the pride of landing a franchise with none of the finger cramps.

Yelp Reviews: Does your merchant have street cred?

68% percent of Yelp reviews are positive (ReviewTrackers, 2018) so if your merchant is racking up the other 32% of negative reviews, that might be your clue to ditch the deal, or at least, examine it all the more closely. Use Autoboard's Yelp integration to check in on your merchant and see if their customers think they're as great as they say they are.

Q+A: You asked, we answered

Create Account: It's now easier than ever for you to login or change your password.

Drawers: We stashed tutorials, verifications, deal overview in a handy drawer so you can get all your deal needs taken care of in one click.

Decisions: New and improved with clearer decision states.

About Autoboard

Autoboard offers speed and agility for an industry that doesn’t mirror the world we live in. Whether you’re dealing with hours of data entry, poor quality assurance, complicated processes or merchant attrition, the payments industry lacks the elegance and know-how to meet you and your merchant where you are. Online. With Autoboard, professionals at every level of the payments industry have access to an intuitive and interconnected platform that saves time and money with every completed deal. Autoboard is based in Dallas, TX and you can learn more at

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