Autoboard is now integrated with IRIS CRM


IRIS CRM is a robust, merchant services industry-focused business management tool built to streamline a variety of complex processes that an independent sales organization (ISO) manages. Built by an ISO for ISOs, IRIS CRM can revitalize infrastructure through its implementation, supporting operations, customer management, support, and more.

Autoboard is an automated underwriting platform that allows more deals to be verifiied, underwritten, evaluated, and processed by sales agents and underwriters. It accelerates deal flow by providing instant insights about each deal, allowing an underwriter’s focus to be on the important data. Autoboard is a purpose-built solution meant to make deals go fast, be beautiful, and keep your portfolio safe.

Discovering good versus bad merchants has never been easier with this powerful duo of Autoboard + IRIS CRM. Move deals through the sales pipeline and underwrite faster with IRIS CRM and Autoboard. Then kick back, grab a drink, and enjoy watching those residuals RISE.

Autoboard's integration of IRIS CRM truly allows for deal automation. It is simple to integrate and is packed with perks.

  • No more data entry issues
  • Huge time savings in a deal’s entire existence
  • True automation
  • Happy merchants
  • Happier ISO

This integration happens in three simple steps, directly from Autoboard's dashboard:

  1. Grant access
  2. Select the status you want to pull deals in from IRIS
  3. Map fields from IRIS to Autoboard

With the ability to pull deals in at any stage of the onboarding process, the possibilities are endless - pre-underwriting, upselling, and more. Schedule a demo today!